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January 5, 2018
rocket league free

Rocket League is a game that is easy to pick up and hard to master. The fun in the game comes from the never ending drive to get better, and the ability to play with or against friends. Optional paid cosmetics also allow players a reward for playing online, and helps establish a trading economy that the developers are very mindful of. This game is amazing because of the constant new updates to the game content and list of skills players have.

The perfect game for having some fun in a strange but coherent world where cars can jump and fly in order to score a goal. It is not pay-to-win, since with money you can only buy skins, that referring to the cars can change the hitbox a little, but not so much to make it a pay to win. Sometimes the competitive matchmaking system could not work properly and you could be playing with players much more expert that you, and sometimes encounter a toxic teammate. All the above considered it’s still a great game, perfect for having fun and buy-able at a reasonable price.

I rate games on a 1-5 scale ala X-PLAY (no decimals)

Rocket League is very straightforward and surprisingly fun for what little content it actually offers. There are multiple game modes but in short it is only online multiplayer soccer. Still the music partnership with MonsterCat is cool, The game rewards you with plenty of items to customize your car if you do not want to spend money. The cars really offer no advantages over each other either so there is no BS pay to win here. Sadly as with any game that is multiplayer driven it lacks much depth and get’s old after awhile. Now that the game is 2 years old it is tougher to pick up the game as a new player and actually perform well. But for the price it is worth the money at least now. If the amount of players continue to drop this should see a price drop hopefully.

All in all, it’s fun and addicting and should hold your attention for a good while. If you are looking to get rocket league you can it get it here: rocket league free download pc

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