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EcoMoto was a third year studio class, aimed at developing a concept motorbike built around a compressed air powered engine developed by EngineAir Australia. Through the semester we developed an understanding of what motorcycles are, created personas and scenarios to design to, and benchmarked other bikes on the market to develop our package drawings around.

After developing the basic package of our bike design, we had a relatively short period to generate concept drawings, and to develop the form of the bike.

After finalising the form, CAD development took place, with the intention being to model the entire bike from the ground up. These models were then modified to accomodate for 3d printing tolerances, and final renders were created to show our bikes in their context. To finish off the semester, our work was presented in video form, with accompanying folio and A1 presentation board.

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  • Jak says:

    Posted: 31/10/2013

    What a wonderful piece of work. I am wondering about the steam pressed bamboo. Who did the work? Do you start with flat plywood panels? Do you have any pictures of the process? Cheers, -jak Reply

    • darbyb replies:

      Posted: 01/11/2013

      Thanks Jak!, I'm afraid that during the space of a semester, there simply wasn't time to create a full scale model of the concept, and all of the images you can see are computer generated renders, and photo's of a 1:5 scale model which was 3d printed. I did however validate the bamboo manufacturing process during my semester, and there is plenty of information online about different things that people do with bamboo. Darby Reply


  • Eva Trust says:

    Posted: 28/11/2013

    Where do I buy one? Great idea! I hope it becomes a reality because I really want one. :-) Reply

  • Tamaran says:

    Posted: 29/11/2013

    Its great to see this old design finally show up. I say old as I called Angelo De Pietro 12 years ago, with this very idea in my head. The question is... What is taking him so long to get his motor to the public? Reply

  • Sergey says:

    Posted: 01/12/2013

    Thats great! I hope see it and bike on it! Good luck! Reply

  • J says:

    Posted: 27/12/2013

    Any updates with this plan? Is there a chance to see it go to production? In any case, is it possible to look at other means of distribution to the Maker community globally so we could use your design/concept as a jumping point to advance this? I'd love if I could get to work every day (weather allowing) on one of these things! Amazing job! Reply


    Project Details

    Client: RMIT University

    Date: 10/28/2013

    Concept Development